Staff Selection Commission

After all the reading and searching about the paper patterns, paper type, types of exams conducted, important dates, etc. You must be thinking about the type of perks you will be getting after getting a job provided by SSC. So, let us talk about the job profile, you will be having in a job provided by SSC. This part of the article is going to be beneficial for the aspirants who are targeting for SSC CGL 2018. This article will provide you information about the SSC CGL work profile, Grade Pay (Salary) and location of your job. First of all, I would like

ssc CGL

  • Job Location: If you are from North India and you are posted in Chennai then, of course, you will not like your job. Everybody wants to stay near their home.
  • Salary: The ultimate goal for all of us is to make a decent amount of money. So, a good salary is a good thing.
  • Promotion: In some posts, you will be getting promotions quickly while some will take years. This is also a very important criterion when you fill your choices of SSC CGL post preference that whether you want Desk/Field job.

Let us now focus on job profiles and locations for some particular posts:


Job Location

Job Profile

Assistant Section Officer (CSS) Delhi Your work will be to maintain files and making reports on them. You will also need to maintain the vital link between parliament and the central Secretariat.
Assistant Limited to Tier 1 cities Your job will be a desk job and work will be similar as a clerk.
Assistant Section Officer (Central Vigilance Commission) CVC HQ in Delhi Your work will be to maintain files and report your work generally to group A officers.
Assistant Section Officer (Railway Ministry) Anywhere in India The job Profile is more clerical but in terms of grade, it is above upper division clerk (UDC).
Assistant Section Officer (External Affairs) India and Foreign Responsible work and work of training to whole ASO batch for about 2 weeks in Foreign Service Institute.

After Talking about some of these jobs, let us talk about their salaries:

Post and Department


Assistant Section Officer (CSS) 4600
Assistant 4600
Assistant Section Officer (Central Vigilance Commission) 4600
Assistant Section Officer (Railway Ministry) 4600
Assistant Section Officer (External Affairs) 4600

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